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    • a mint on the pillow 是什麼意思呢?

      ...的薄荷成份,希望住房者可以有個美好的睡眠。 nice hotels will place a chocolate mint on your pillow as a "goodnight sweet". because mint can release our...

    • PLUSH MINT什麼意思啊

      ...of)] 【口】巨額(的錢);大量[S][(+of)] Father left him a mint of money. 父親留給他一大筆錢。 a.[B] 造幣廠的 嶄新的;無污損的;完美...

    • What is ”mint humbug”?

      只有在英國的特殊用法 humbug (SWEET) noun [C] UK a hard sweet, usually with a mint taste and strips of two different colours on the outside: mint humbugs