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  1. a

    • IPA[eɪ]



    • det
    • 釋義


    • 1. 一(個) a horse 一匹馬 an aunt/egg 一位姑母/一個雞蛋
    • 2. 任何一個 I haven't got a thing to wear 我沒衣服可穿 she didn't say a word 她一言不發
    • 3. 每一個 a lion is a dangerous animal 獅子是危險的動物
    • 4. a hundred 一百 a quarter of an hour 一刻鐘
    • 5. twice a day 每天兩次
    • 6. 類似…的一個 you're no better than a Hitler 你簡直和希特勒一樣壞
    • 7. 某個 a Mr Smith telephoned 有位史密斯先生來過電話
  2. 知識+

    • 請問什麼是 in a tenth of a second?

      In a tenth of a second = in a split... around the waist and will inflate in a tenth of a second if it to inflate in literally one-tenth of a second. Anyway, I ...

    • A- Z 開頭的片語

      :amount to 達到 My saving has ... can't think of anything I need, apart from a car. 除了一輛汽車,我想不出需要什麼。 B:break...from 倖免於...... Mr. Wang had a narrow escape from the accident. 王先生在意外事件中倖免於難...

    • (A of B)?

      ...的時候都會希望把中文的語法套用到外語的用法。 我認為 A of B 是指 B的A。 例如: head of of Malawi 里朗威,馬拉威的首都 Rumpi, a town in northern Malawi 壤匹,馬拉威北部的一個小鎮...