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  1. a bad actor


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    • 1. 做壞事的人;慣犯 Bob's younger brother was a bad actor. 鮑伯的弟弟表現惡劣。
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    • 中村中-朋友之詩(中翻英) forget the heartbreak with attention on other scars, but I am a bad actor, showing no pretending. 手を繋ぐくらいでいい 並んで歩く...

    • 什麼東西是Bad Quarto???

      ...: In the jargon of Shakespearean scholars, a "bad quarto" is a copy of the play that a disloyal actor would recreate from memory and then submit for publication in a rival publishing house...

    • 介紹偶像劇的英文翻譯

      ... that most of the stories began with the leading actor and actress having a bad impression on each other. They started off from a bad beginning...