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    a bad lot

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    • 英文克漏字填空 bad還是true?

      Lots of people believe that their memory gets worse as they get older. But this doesn'... memory sharp as your age. 填空題: (A)bad (B)true正解給B 可是為什麼不能...

    • Correct the Mistakes

      ... believe pollution destroys the environment and is a cause for bad health. 2. Fertilisers have lots of chemical, so you should keep an eye in how much you see. Fertilizers have...

    • 麻煩英文達人幫看句子對不對..還是有更好的?

      ...xxxx維持為副詞子句, 主詞要用You. You can't take him as a bad guy just because he has blond hair and lots of tattoos. It is not adequate to paint everyone with the same brush...