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  1. a bad sailor

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    • 1. (風浪大時)常易暈船的人 He is such a bad sailor that he always travels by plane. 他是那麼會暈船, 所以他總搭飛機。
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    • 求英文達人 請幫我填空..急急 thanks a lot make,to use,to do 2.amazing, 3.(which is )writen,glowing 4.know 5.writen,to buy 6.moving,moving 7.look 8.peep 9.look 10.(which is) following 11.feel 12.taking 13.heard 14.smoking,undiciplined,letting,for smoking 15...

    • 什麼是不定詞片語呢?有何用呢?如何用呢?

      ...是想要乖還是壞。(不定詞 to be 和形容詞片語 good or bad 構成不定詞片語) 5. 不定詞與它的補語構成不定詞片語。 The boy says that he wants to be a sailor in the future. 這個男孩說它將來想當一名水手。(不定詞...

    • 能不能給我例句?

      ... waiting for him for the decades. A decade is tne years. 探索 exploration Spain... was rowing the boat ashore. The old sailor longed for life ashore.