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  1. a big fish in a little pond

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      (小地方或小範圍內的)大人物, 小塘中的大魚
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    • 1. (小地方或小範圍內的)大人物, 小塘中的大魚 Tom is the best player in our class, but compared to those players in the school team, he's just a big fish in a little pond. 在我們班湯姆球打得最好, 可是跟校隊隊員相比, 他不過是矮個中的高個。
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    • 可以幫我翻譯這幾個有關於的英文俚語嗎 ?? 很急著要 !!

      ...可能不太像俚語哦~"~你看看吧..... 1 . a big fish in a little pond(應該是pond,不然就沒有這個諺語了) :懷才不遇...括號裡面的說明> 10 . there are plenty more fish in the sea:天涯何處無芳草

    • 可以幫我改流暢一點的句子嗎?

      ... the real big city. The... are a convenience store near...and a post office in my neighborhood... like to go fishing, maybe that's because... ponds near my place...

    • 幫翻譯 <急>

      ...have a garden and a little pond to plant some flowers and feed some fish. The ...' ,a yellow crystal light hanged in the living room... as a gym with a big peice of French...