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  1. a bit much

    • ph.
      【口】不受歡迎, 過分, 不合理
    • 釋義
    • ph.
    • 1. 【口】不受歡迎, 過分, 不合理

      The noise from that party is getting a bit much. 從聚會上傳來的喧鬧聲越發過分了。

      It's a bit much ringing me up at three o'clock in the morning. 凌晨三點鐘就打電話來, 太不像話了。

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    • bit 的解釋及用法?!

      ...too much about me, aren't you! You're asking too much of me! 是: 你對我的要求太多了吧! a bit 只是用來假客氣一下! example: I am (a bit) too tired to go...

    • not a bit .....

      可以通用例:A: Thank you for went through all the trouble for me.B: Not a bit. / Not at all.都通意思都一樣

    • 幫我翻譯一下英文句子(勿用翻譯機)

      1.She's got so much personality. A : 她的個性多變、性格不定。 2.She's a bit difficult at times. A: 她有時候會有點倔強、難溝通。 3.She...