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    • 翻譯關於貝雅麗采的文章

      但是, 它是可能的, 這依照告訴不是原因Beatrice 終止了她的訂婚與Lemony, 在她退回他的定婚戒指的Beatrice 信件並且寄發他200 頁書解釋為什麼二不能星期三, 某事她不能做了有她認為Snicket 是死的, 雖然它也許是在他顯露活之後。最後, 當成套工具...

    • 心得中文翻英文

      妳的心得 : Finish reading this book, I just understand a decision that person thinks service crowd and can...", she the heart of that unselfish dedication is the model of whole world, she once ...

    • 英文作業正解

      ...the mp3 disk, and the exercise book. (1) adds (2) increases... (4) stores A: (3)包括 5. These three... (2) professors (3) dedications (4) cancers A: 4...