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    a bunch of

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    • 想問一些英文計量單位的意思(急)(10)

      1. a bunch of flowers 一束花 a bunch of bananas (一串香蕉) a bunch of grapes (一串葡萄) 2. a cone of ice craem 一個捲筒冰淇淋 cone這裡是指盛冰淇淋的蛋捲筒 3. a packet of ...

    • 這幾個片語該怎麼分別咧?!

      a bunch of -- 一束(花) a bundle of -- 大量的(錯誤 . 事件等等) a cloud of -- 一大群(移動中的昆蟲,鳥等的) a...獵物等吃的)雜食;足夠一頓吃的量 a multitude of -- 許多 ( 理由 . 工作) a matter of...

    • english

      a group of people a bunch of bananas a set of tools a gang of robbers a number... X of .....之後接可數名詞的複數 常用複數 For example: A group of people are missing in the city . [ A group of people in the city...