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    a call to arms

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    • 關於此段英文填空的答案??

      ...cross 8. (a) away 9. (b) however 10. (a) that The use of computers to intimidate or destroy a population_is called_ cyber terrorism. _Armed_ with only a hard drive and keyboard, terrorists may be able to take control of...

    • 用英文會話patience耐心、course球場

      ...for a while until his arms are getting well. A: I agree with you..., he could not go back to course very soon. B...: a call to fight, as a battle, a duel...

    • 關於英文文法題~!!!

      ... not forgetful enough to be unable to remember what I have 4.Sam didn't make a phone call. Sam sent a text message... crying in her arms. (請用with合併) With the...