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  1. a close (or near) thing

    • ph.
      a narrow avoidance of something unpleasant
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    • 哪為翻譯高手 能幫我翻譯一下 急

      ...尤其是他們能力所負擔不起的東西. It is a fairly recent tradition in the United States and...A baby shower is generally arranged by a close friend or relative of the parents-to-be. 嬰兒送禮...

    • 我的英文作業-救救我吧!-1

      ... you can welcome someone in a very direct and informal manner; at are talking to a close friend}. In such situations...have to be very serious; the most important thing is to show that {you are...

    • 英文作文好朋友應該要有什麼....作文200字

      ...friend can be a co-worker, relative or a spouse. This person could live... have to believe the same things or even be interested in...probably someone who lives close by, or someone that shares...