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    a couple of

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    • a couple of time/ times?

      ... 中文是指次數....次數... 一次二次三次..... 是可數名詞... a couple of + 可數名詞 所以是 a couple of times 但是 time 如果沒加 &quot...

    • 英文“a couple of”的意思?

      "a couple of" ( phr ) 兩個 couple ( n ) 一對夫婦 ( 情侶 ) [ 我們是夫妻 ] we are a couple. 而不是 we are couples. 例句:1. A young married couple moved in next door to us. ( 一對年輕...

    • couple 的用法

      是的, 外國人也用a couple of 來表示 「幾個」, 等同於a few 或 several. 例如: a couple of...逗號連接, 此處可加連接詞and或while. 2) couple不是形容詞, 應改為a couple of. I have reviewed the project, and a couple of ...