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  1. a deal of

    • ph.
      a large amount of
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    • a deal of/an abundance of..的問題

      ...不可數)an amount of:  一筆 (金額) 接不可數名詞I need a large amount of money.a deal of: 大量的; 許多的  + 不可數He spends a deal of money.a quantity of...

    • 英文片語:a great deal of 怎麼用?

      ...版大的疑惑 a great number of+可數名詞 a great amount of+不可數名詞 a great deal of+不可數名詞 a lot of又可寫成 lots of,都+可數名詞或不可數名詞...

    • 問一句英文!!

      ...在 made ... listening to 傾聽,有意識地注意聽 ~~~ 而非在 a big deal of a big deal of 只是一個量詞 是一種修飾不可屬名詞的量詞 用來修飾其後的名詞...