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  1. like a dream

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      【口】輕而易舉地; 完美地
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    • 1. 【口】輕而易舉地; 完美地 The engine starts like a dream. 這台引擎一發就動。 Everything went like a dream. 一切進展得十分順利。
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      噩夢般的處境 You can't be leaving me -- this is a bad dream! 你千萬不可離開我--這太可怕了!
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      【口】極好用; 性能極佳 My new car goes like a dream. 我的新汽車開起來得心應手。
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    • It's a dream come true?

      A dream come true 是一個慣用語, 所以動詞不能加S. 一定要這樣用:) 常常祝賀人家...dreams come true! come true 的意思表示成真, 同意詞可以用become(s) real. -> A dream becomes reality (夢想變成真實的) -> All of my dreams...

    • why people will dream?

      1.英文答案 A dream is the experience of images, sounds... McCarley in 1977, which states that dreams are a random event caused by firing of neurons...

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      I Have a Dream My dream is to become a tour guide. Why...t been. I figured that I can go to a lot of places once I become a tour guide. ...