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    a favourite son

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    • 英作文My favorite part of the day

      ... say this is my "favorite part of the day", understand that with those things, is a wonderful moment. About 6 ...ready to head to College and a son entering his Senior...

    • 急急急 英文問句

      ...你覺得照片中每個人之間的關係是如何?(father and son.... do you think people can get information about ...嗎?(畫,音樂,影片等等 你創作了甚麼? you have a favorite image? Describe it. 你有最愛的圖嗎?描述它...

    • Mcdreamy ~~ Mc 為何字的縮寫

      Mc means "the son of". It is one Irish designation for "son of"