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  1. a fine line

    • ph.
      a subtle distinction between two concepts or situations
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    • Walk a fine line 要怎麼翻 ?

      ... outcome. E.g The policemen are walking a fine line when it comes to hostage negotiation. Chinese translation will follow...

    • 英文 Pull up a chair and sit in

      ...再者也許作者想要稍微放重點才放逗點 表現出難以抉擇的感覺 (walking a fine line) 第二個Pull up a chair and sit in for a hand, tonight. 是說拉張椅子坐下來...

    • dirt bag-- --是這個泥土袋嗎?

      ...real dirt bag. But I've come to realized that there is a fine line between dirt bag and Father Of The Year. 海德,我...