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    a fly in amber

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    • 這段英文怎麼翻呢??不要用網頁直翻的!20

      ...while visiting a museum in Warsaw,Poland,he noticed a 45-million-year-old fly trapped in amber and observed how the shape of its eye's surface reduced...

    • excepting that the sun, excepting a beautiful marble statue. 除了一個...05:15 補充: The large amber windows were open, and the fish swam in, just as the swallows fly into our houses...

    • 英文的問題,請問這些詩怎麼翻?

      她用許多顏色的金雀花打掃, 只留下這些碎片; 哦..晚上家庭主婦西(方), 回來, 和灰塵這個池塘! 你(們)進入丟下了紫色 散開的線 , 你(們)丟下了一根琥珀線(絲); 和你(們)現下亂扔所有東(方)綠寶石的 衣服 ! 和安靜的她層她(斑)點的金雀花, 並且仍然(這些)擋板飛, 最終(直到)金雀花到裡軟衰落...