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    • The Deerslayer

      ... not the least pacific in her denunciations... thought it a degradation to permit his sister...more frightful ferocity than his eyes gleamed on the captive, nor was...

    • 【翻譯英→中】歌詞

      您留下的真相 您留下 的真相 曲: 鋼琴男孩 詞: 標號(唯一的英文版) 我看悲傷在您的眼睛, 作為蠟燭在風 我使它緊在我的手, 它裡仍然打顫以每呼吸 當那片刻來了, 您對我軟軟地耳語 死亡的揮動的鐮刀可能從未保持我們的心臟單獨 他們說您是正義離開, 動身去其它開始...

    • 這出自於泰戈爾哪一首詩

      ...out on the chariot of the first gleam of light, and pursued ... my track on many a star and planet. It is...innermost shrine at the end. My eyes strayed far and wide before...