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  1. a glutton for work


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    • 1. 工作狂 He's a glutton for work. 他是個工作狂。
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    • 能幫我翻成英文嗎

      A person can become a glutton for work the reason, usually is because has the... Man. I thought a glutton for work has some merits, but also has...

    • 檢查英文有沒有錯誤 of all time - meaningful story that talked about a -> meaningful story about - glutton for work -> workaholic - got a magic remote control -> obtained a magic remote control - At last ->...

    • 英文翻譯,請參考類似句型。

      ...是個工作狂,但一天24小時工作是不可能的。 Although he is a glutton for work, it is impossible to work 24 hours aday. 3.他長大可以自己做決定...