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    • 英文問題~~~有一些問題~~困擾ing

      1. a great amount ofa great deal of 皆為量詞,其後所接的名詞都是不可數名詞,他們在文法上及語意上的用法就等同於 much: A gread amount / deal of money (主詞) IS (動詞) needed. 需要一大筆錢(主詞是money,動詞...

    • 請舉例說明下列片語的用法

      a great number of+可數名詞 a great amount of+不可數名詞 a great deal of+不可數名詞 a...後面可接可數或不可數的 a lot of, lots of, a large/small quantity of, plenty of

    • 試舉例說明下列兩種片語的用法

      a great number of = many (接可數名詞) a great mount of = much (接不可數名詞) = a lot of = ...可數或不可數都可以) 都是很多的意思 EX: There are a great number of boxes in the desk. (書桌上有好多盒子) EX: There ...