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    a healthful diet

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    • 英文形容詞有疑問

      ...若指食物方面的字 , 常搭配這個字 例如 a healthful diet 有益健康的飲食 healthy 主要意義是健康... doctor advised her to eat [ more ] [ healthful food ]. 如果把 more 視為形容詞, 修飾名詞片語 healthful...

    • 幫忙我修改一下cover letter(20點)

      ...the right foods, and plan for a meal. I am knowledgeable to manage a healthful diet plan. I'd like to share with people on how to lower their...

    • 請問這篇文章如何翻成中文 ?

      ...' degree of satisfaction. Indian curry can be called a new and healthful diet trend, so please invite your all friends to taste Indian curry...