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    • Granted, ...., but still. (內詳)

      ... P.D., they didn't exactly call in a horde of consultants (I went down in the...unprofessional 標出來。 2011-09-17 19:10:04 補充: 第一行 a big-city department 翻譯為"大都會的政府機關/部門"...

    • 有人可以幫我解譯一下這個字在這的用法(包括文法)嗎?

      ...本句之主動詞=>改變 3.the insularity of that island =>那島嶼之孤立狀態 a few months =>在幾個月之內=>修飾ALTER之副詞子句 5.sent hordes thundering off to the Crusades...

    • 用英文報導中秋節

      ... in the seventh month and ends in the ninth). **A Historical Anecdote** The Mongol Hordes of Ghengis Khan subjugated the Chinese, and ...