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    • 請英文高手幫忙翻譯英文句子(英翻中)

      1. a host of picture 一系列的照片。這裏的host of用法為:許多或一大群。 2. allows...句話有點奇怪,為什麼高壓縮比卻只能儲存較少的相片"。 3. for example in a portrait to let a face “stand out”。 例如在相片裏去讓臉部更加突出...

    • 高一英文觀念問題" = 活到 "live up to" 在這個句子不是 verbal phrase, (3)a flock of / a host of 前者當"群" 後著當"很多"時, of 後面是否都接可數名詞...

    • 幫我翻翻 英翻中

      1.This is a host of factors which have been offered to explain differential success among... rules: and your own good sense and observation will teach you more of it than I can. “Do as you would be done by” is the...