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    a kick in the pants

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    • 請問 kick up the pants 這英文俚語

      ... "extremely fun or/and humorous". For example: I have a real kick-in-the-pants time at the concert. 2013-02-24 14:43:48 補充: For the meaning of...

    • 請幫我翻譯"all of baby nose to toes

      ...可以是孩子被抱著,踢媽媽褲子,語帶雙關。這也是形容詞用法 kick-me-in-the-pantsKick off a shoe. Baby's got toes,ten little toes. Tip...

    • 類似英文的成語

      ...shut case明顯的事件 34.ants in one's pants 褲襠裏有螞蟻(坐立不安) 35.back in the saddle重上馬鞍(重整旗鼓) 36.back on track...chain 鐵球鐵鏈,甜蜜的枷(老婆) 39.beat a dead horse 鞭打死馬令其賓士(徒勞) 40...