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  1. a laugh a minute

    • ph.
      very funny
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    • ph.
      very funny

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 麻煩大大幫忙翻譯這篇英文文章Some people s...

      ...血液循環會變好.我們的心跳是降下的 和我們的腦部成為一個自然的痛苦殺手稱做 a beta-endorphin. One minute of laugh is the same as forty-five minutes of relaxation. Many ...

    • 請幫我解答下面這些英文句子~謝謝^^!

      ...people join a laughter club. 各行各業的人都加入這種俱樂部 They go there once a day for twenty minutes and start to laugh. 他們一天去個20分鐘,然後開始笑。 There are no jokes...

    • 關於a lot of 的文法!-20點

      ... invited at the last minute. were 是因為 us的關係而用上複數型。與 a lot of 在那個位置或與 'a'...作用: Ella is jolly girl; she laughs a lot. (Ella often laughs...