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  1. give sb. a leg up

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    • 翻譯一段英文 !She is among a growing

      * ( a leg up )是一句俚語,不能翻成什麼”一隻腳”喔! a leg up 的字典定義有兩個...助益或提升)。 2)A position of advantage; an edge: We have a leg up on the competition. (處於有利的地位或較為優勢。 例句:我們在這個競爭中處於...

    • 簡短英文段落翻譯 that gobbles up our time for today. When we couldn`t (have) a leg up on any great ideas, and when the whole gang couldn`t cook up anything better...

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      ...tooth comb fight tooth and claw be long in the tooth 8. pull sb's leg give sb a leg up have a leg up on sb break a leg show a leg 9. put your hand in ...