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    • 可以說display a fireworks?

      fireworks 前面不能用 a 直接說 set off fireworks, let off fireworks 就好了 如果想用display 的話 只放在fireworks 後面 譬如說 "that was a great fireworks display" (那真是一場精采的煙火)

    • 為什麼要say as little as possible?

      Letting off a bit of steam here and there is a sensible strategy, but do it gently. 你可以...方向 Staying open to your own dreams will enable you to maintain a clearer perspective on those things that seem bent out of shape...

    • 兩題英文選擇題

      ...who likes to_____others is definitely not easy to get along with. (A)leave out 省去(B)let off寬恕 (C)pick on找某人的碴 (D)turn up發生、、、答案(C...