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  1. a little


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    • a little的詞性

      Move your chair back a little from the screen. 可否分析一下back、a little、from the screen...back. (把椅子往後移) Move your chair back a little. (把椅子往後移一點點) Move your chair...

    • a little 後面該接什麼才是正確文法

      a little的使用牽涉到「可數名詞」和「不可數名詞」。 大部份的名詞是「可...或a few countries 在不可數名詞的前面我們用 much,a littlelittle,例如: much time,much luck,little energy,little money或 a little...

    • M2M-Give a little love的歌詞

      ...內心深處* You can find it in your heart ~ 付出一點愛 Give a little love 對我們倆 Have a little faith 有點信心 In the two of ...