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    a man of straw

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    • 15點~自己翻譯的英翻中 part2不要翻譯機

      Narrator :It started to rain all of a sudden ,a man approach the front of their stall . He said:I want to buy a straw hat,but I don't have money with me right now, Can I...

    • 三隻小豬英文翻中文 三隻小豬翻譯 build himself a house."Of course, little pig," said the man. He gave the little pig a big bundle of straw, and the little pig built himself a lovely house of golden straw.A...

    • 中文~需英文翻譯成諺語

      ...的開始造就好的結束) 5.A straw shows which way the wind ...一根稻草顯示風吹的風向。) 6.A man knows his company in... children habit's of industry provides for ...