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    • MATCH是什麼意思?

      ...對手,敵手 《例句》 He is more than a match for me. 他比我強. 5. (在性質等方面)相匹配...with everything to match 連同一套附屬品. well [ill] matched 1. (在力量、技術等上)相配的[不相配的];相稱...

    • 英文題目,有關match

      This program is used to scan resumes and search for key words that__ (a) match (b) matched (c) matching 句子拆解: This program is...

    • 英文高手請進~中翻英!很急

      ...039; of signboard type singing style make their a match for soprano of florid ornamentation in Chinese opera ... but actually Kelli as far back as 1995 and in a few years look forward the prospect to the trend already...