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    • 1. 剛才 He started but a moment ago. 他剛剛動身不久。



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    • 我想問幾句有關見面時寒喧用的英文句子20

      1. Just a moment ago, where did you go? 2. Just now, what did you do...039;t need to ask these questions. Only when you make a mistake, then you know not to do it again.

    • 英文高手能幫我找英文句子的翻譯和語病嗎?

      I have the strange day. I talked a moment ago with a Chicago's foreigner on facebook. ...位來自Chicago的外國人」,故我們將它修正為 a foreigner who is from Chicago ,然後 關係...

    • just和only用法的不同

      ...; exactly--------------- just enough salt. Only a moment ago------------- He just arrived. By a narrow... the final result; nevertheless--------------received a raise only to be laid off. As recently as...