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  1. a necessary evil

    • ph.
      something that is undesirable but must be accepted
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    • 請幫忙修改一下文法, 非常急!!

      Fast food had become a necessary evil these days because people often find themselves... could walk past many streets to get the a healthy chicken salad, but I like McDonald...

    • 《英文翻譯》抱怨信第四封

      ...society councilor, or the front desk might even call for the police, which,however, could be a necessary evil . Therefore, we hope that you could behave yourself whenever and wherever...

    • What is ” Utility Theory”?

      ... Theory(效用說) To judge what one must do to obtain a good or avoid an evil, it is necessary to consider not only the good and evil in itself, but also the probability that it...