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  1. make a (or one's) pile

    • ph.
      make a lot of money
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    • stack pile

      ... a stack of something -- a stack of money a pile of something -- a pile of money it is a stack pile...cargo Another word to use for messy or unorderly piles or stacks would be heaps stones...

    • drove,herd,swarm,flock分別

      一堆檔案 用上面的量詞都不適合 應該是...a pile of files吧 群在漢字裡是沒有修辭色彩的 而在...獵犬 野獸的群 cluster 指集結物體的群 (簇 堆) 一群人 a crowd of people 一群女學生 a group of girl students...

    • Have you ever acted in a play

      ...pile=(木)樁 2008-10-20 06:05:51 補充: pile有時也作一整疊,一整堆解釋 如: a pile of books=一疊書