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    a pile of

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    • ph.


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    • stack pile

      ...different things a stack of something -- a stack of money a pile of something -- a pile of money it is a stack pile of need to call me "teacher"...just a businessman here...I was just glad I ...

    • 麻煩幫我翻一下這段文章(英文) 謝謝!!很急!!

      ... as they see a girl beside a pile of mud. She is worried... one's behavior and mind; the result of this aggravates an easy problem . As a third person's viewpoint, we might...

    • drove,herd,swarm,flock分別

      一堆檔案 用上面的量詞都不適合 應該是...a pile of files吧 群在漢字裡是沒有修辭色彩的 而在...野獸的群 cluster 指集結物體的群 (簇 堆) 一群人 a crowd of people 一群女學生 a group of girl students...