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    a profound sleep

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    • 有些人壓力大要喝酒才能入睡-中翻英 謝謝

      ...04-17 22:41:09 補充: 睡一個好覺, 還可以這麼說:1. to have a good/fast/heavy/profound/sound/deep sleep 動詞+a+形容詞+名詞2. to get/fall 動詞+ deeply/fast/sound 副詞+ asleep. 形容詞

    • 英文填空問題~how to live~

      ...搭配’changes’】 Q40. “Eating less has a more profound effect on the aging process than does any other life-style change,&rdquo...

    • 請幫我翻譯以下句子~~感激不盡(15點)

      ... aviation, my impression most profound matter is occurs on my... to dine, at that time my friend a little was angry, because he only wanted to sleep, but my very puzzled this point...