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  1. a race against time

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    • 1. 和時間賽跑 It was a race against time to stop people dying from starvation. 為搶救那些即將餓死的人而分秒必爭。
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    • 有關against的問題(英文)

      Race against time 是指跟時間賽跑或善用每分每秒的意思..其中的against是不需要用來...通貨膨脹的抗鬥已展開近兩年了。 逆;對著 They sounded a sharp warning against all these tendencies. 對於這種種傾向...

    • 急!!英文翻譯-關於消防隊員的工作(英翻中)

      ... do you work . Sreve? -Await orders to put out a fire , give first aid , difficult to rescue in 24 hours. Must race against time to give first aid most urgently in each attendance. 2.What time do you...

    • 15 Feared Dead After

      為了和時間賽跑,德國Bad Reichenhall的救難單位正在倒塌的溜冰場殘骸中搜尋生還者,該溜冰場係在週一因為屋頂承受不了冰雪重量而倒塌,當時約有五十名溜冰者困在裡頭。在24小時之後,低溫使得發現生還者的機會愈來愈低,目前找到的遺體裡有六名是兒童。