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    a red letter day

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    • 英文color 的象徵?

      a red-letter day 重要或值得紀念的日子red with anger 氣炸了a red light 危險或災難將臨a red light district 風化區a red herring 分散注意力 臉色紅潤 健康良好black and blue 瘀青a black look 怒視blackart/blackmagic 妖術black comedy...

    • 請問紀念日的英文怎麼拼??很急 急贈20點!!><”

      anniversaries of important events a red-letter day a commemoration day a memorial day anniversary 週年紀念;週年紀念日 Armistice...

    • 顏色基本嘗識問題

      1. blue Monday 2. red-eyed 3. a red letter day 4. a black letter day 5. a white elephant 6. 有盈餘: in the black 有虧損: in the red 7. black humor 8. a gray area 9. He is a green hand.