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    a roar of anger

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    • 超急~(中翻英)英文高手幫幫忙

      ... boss rejects to discuss this issue and expel her with a roar of anger. Amy really upsets with that and Sandy comes to figure...

    • 演講題目Tell a story

      ...upon a time when a big lion was sleeping, a little mouse woke himup. The angry lion ...22:13:32 補充: "I'll eat you up!" he roared. "Don't eat me!" cried...

    • 請幫我把元宵猜燈謎的由來翻成英文

      ...a tiger to smell speech great anger and the Nu scolds... Shao3 roars with laughter ground to... are just an a puzzles just! the answer of this puzzle is "needle...