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  1. a rotten (or bad) apple

    • ph.
      a bad or corrupt person in a group, typically one whose behavior is likely to have a detrimental influence on his or her associates
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    • 英文高手請幫助我回答問題拜託奉上二十分( 可以再加分

      ... may become wicked. There is an old saying: A rotten apple will spoil the whole basket. A rotten apple no matter at anywhere will create problems to the group, and there will be, for surely, bad apples among...

    • 煩請達人指導該怎麼跟外國人吵架 ?

      ...and any where. We would want to believe that most of the people are honest, but If you ran into a rotten apple, chances are you are going to be taken advantage of. When you are...

    • 誰能幫我翻譯??? 這是後面的文章

      萬聖節直到19世紀才被廣泛地在美國慶祝。  逃離他們的國家的馬鈴薯飢荒的愛爾蘭移民開始遷入美國 、並且與他們帶來他們的大多數風俗。  在那時 、在新英格蘭的最喜愛的開玩笑包括象弄翻外屋並且從鉸鏈上取下閘極欄門這樣的慈祥的計謀。  因為新世界吃許多南瓜 、這象燈籠一樣更...