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    a storm of anger

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    • 關於元宵節的傳統~要英文版加中文翻譯喔~~急!!!!

      ... in Heaven was so angered at a town for killing his favorite goose that he decided to destroy it with a storm of fire. However, a good-hearted fairy heard...

    • 句子合併~可以教我如何解題嗎

      1. The professor stormed into the office and ...department for their lack of administrative skills...department, he was angered by the injustice of it and...039;s Day is a national holiday to celebrate and...

    • 何時用that關係代名詞

      ...of yours 你那匹馬 that fool of a gardener 那樣的一個笨花匠. ▲ top... was such a great storm that the ships were...遇到大暴風雨,船隻失事了 His anger was such that he lost control of...