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  1. a stroke of genius

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    • 1. 聰明之舉;絕妙的主意;天才的展現 It was a great stroke of genius for Trump to nominate a high-echelon business executive as Secretary of State. 川普任命一個商業界的高階主管作為國務卿真是一個天才的展現。
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      ...genius was 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. 天才是99%的努力,1%的靈感。 a stroke of geniusa stroke of luck不同的地方就是a stroke of luck是靠運 氣;而a stroke...

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      ...let anyone tell you it's about putting in an 18-hour day, having a sudden stroke of genius or beating the system as you work your way to the top. Your...

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      ... anticipates geniuses like Manet and Picasso. The cause of this divergent creative power...41) contracting a high fever in 1792, Goya...encephalitis or a series of minor strokes. In brief, it ...