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    a wad of bills

    • ph.
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    • 請幫我翻成中文 謝謝!!

      He attached an Ace bandage to the principal’s shoe with a wad of Chubby Bubby Big Wad Gum. 他用一團...

    • 小氣的英文怎嚜說?

      If you just want to tease someone, you can say "You're such a tight-wad." "Tight-wad" is a jargon derived from the word...

    • stick當動詞的用法和意思?

      如果我理解沒有錯誤的話。 But we wad [stick in] a dumb days. wad 跟 stick in 有相似的意思。 而字義上是一團、塞住...