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  1. a week yesterday

    • ph.
      一個星期前的昨天, 八天前
    • 釋義


    • 1. 一個星期前的昨天, 八天前 It was a week yesterday (that) we heard the news. 我們是在八天前聽到這個消息的。
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    • 幫我解國中英文題目~~送5點

      ...兩個小時之後 (A) Two hours ago (B) Twice a week (C) Since yesterday (D)In two hours (A) Two hours ago...

    • 請問如何用英文解釋過去簡單式的用法?(並各舉例)

      ...some rice for my breakfast.( yesterday) (2)表示過去某特定時間的詞彙、片語(yesterday/last year/in2002/a week ago We use "past tense" to describe time and phrases in the past...

    • 英文句型 20點!!

      ...rarr; What time did Julie get home yesterday? 17.My father was (in Eurrope) 18.I go to the library (three times a week.) (依括號造原問句) → How often do you go...