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    • 請幫忙分析句型結構,以及新的類似句子?

      ...test (vt.) 考驗 This year has tested the financial industry's ability to withstand recession. (O) = The financial industry has been good and strong...

    • ANDY導的翻譯作業.. (無奈)

      以意翻為主,直翻為輔。 你現存的問題 是尋求一個對現存問題或焦慮的解局方法,但很容易發現難以決定一個正確的方向來做。 您的壓力來源 有一個與她有關的不滿意的需求與同樣標準的其他人,而在一般人中很突出。 這使她受到相當大的壓力,儘管缺乏他人的認同但她仍堅持她的...

    • 請忙翻譯一下= =+ 自己想的中文~~

      ...drift away to see or obtains the different ability the theory, but actually can prove, has ..., but still could have the shallow consciousness to cause trouble, also just could not withstand loses family member's attack, caused...