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  1. about

    • IPA[əˈbaʊt]



    • prep.
    • adv.
    • adj.
    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 關於 a book/film about sth. 有關某內容的書/電影 I'm ringing about my results 我打電話來問一下我的檢查結果
    • 2. 為了 business is about making profits 做生意就是為了贏利
    • 3. 在…的特徵中 what I like about her is her frankness 我喜歡她的地方是她的直率 there's something odd about him 他這人有點怪
    • 4. 從事於 to know what one is about 明白自己在做甚麼 while you're about it 趁著你幹這件事的時候
    • 5. 在…各處 we wandered about the town all afternoon 我們整個下午都在城裡四處遊逛 he looked anxiously about the room 他在房間裡焦急地四下察看
    • 6. 在…身上 he said he had no money about him 他說他沒帶錢 to have drugs/weapons about one's person 身上藏有毒品/武器
    • 7. 圍繞著; 在…兩側 there were trees about the house 屋子四周綠樹環繞


    • 1. 大約 at about 6 p.m. 下午6點左右 (and) about time too! 再說正是時候呢!
    • 2. 幾乎 we're about ready 我們差不多準備好了 I've had just about enough 我差不多吃飽了
    • 3. 在四周 I had difficulty finding my way about 我不知該怎麼走 there was no one about 附近沒有人
    • 4. 存在著 there was a lot of flu about 那時流感正在肆虐
    • 5. 向相反方向 it's the wrong way about 方向搞反了


    • 1. 剛要…的 we're (just) about to start 我們正要開始
    • 2. 活動中的 to be up and about 起來四處走動 you were up and about early this morning 你今天早晨起來得很早嘛
    • 3. 願意 I'm not about to tell him 我不想告訴他


    1. on the subject of; concerning

    2. used to indicate movement within a particular area

    3. used to express location in a particular place

    4. used to indicate movement within an area

    5. used to express location in a particular place

    6. (used with a number or quantity) approximately


    「1. (used with a number or quantity) approximately」的反義字