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  1. it is about time

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    • 1. 早就該有某事或做某事了 It's about time you stopped fooling around and started looking for a job. 你可別再遊手好閑了, 該找份工作了吧。



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      【口】早該發生的事, 早該如此 I hear old Fred got promoted last week -- and about time too, I'd say. 我聽說弗雷德上星期升職了--我看早就該升了。
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    • 幫幫忙解釋一下~急件唷

      about time 的解釋: 早該是時候了,早該可以做…的時候了.e.g.It's about time you got up. 你早該起床了。It's time you got up. 你...

    • about bloody time 解釋此片語意思

      about time 作形容詞用~時間差不多了 Ex: It is about time to go , or... bloody cold. I am bloody fat! 這麼解釋,你應該知道 about bloody time 的意思了吧! 他x的!時間差不多了!

    • 請幫我用is about tome 造句

      it is about time=差不多時間去做什麼事情(屬於提示性的口氣) It is about time to go to bed.該是睡覺的時間了 It is about time for me to go to bed.該是我去睡覺的時間了(強調「我」)