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    • 1. 即將 We are about to start. 我們正準備出發。
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    • "be about to" V.S"be ready to"

      不要用「即將」去理解 be about to 和 be ready to,這兩個片語的語感不同,引用你的例句來比較意思: We... ready to take the test. 我們都準備好參加考試了。 We are about to take the test. 我們即將要參加考試了。 be about to 講的是「即將」,著重在...

    • 英文文法的片語問題

      be about to 即將 ex: We are about to start. ( 我們正準備出發) *已經在準備,但動作時間點較 be going to 晚 be about to 也可是過去式 ex: I was just about to ask you the same thing. (我...

    • aboutto的用法?

      ...`m very sorry for you. about是+事件(about+V-ing) *例:I`m sorry about being late.(我很抱歉我遲到了) to也是加事件(to+原形動詞) *例:I`m sorry to be late. 2006-10-10 02:06:06...