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  1. above price

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      極其珍貴的, 無價的
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    • 1. 極其珍貴的, 無價的 The piece of jewellery was above price. 那件首飾是無價之寶。


    極其珍貴的, 無價的

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      請問這句英文文法這樣有錯誤嗎? As revised price enclosed above is lowest as much as possible. 中文是: 同附件修改後的價錢已經是...

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      ...可充當購貨確認書 (3)可作為預付款之依據 2. Terms: All of above price are based on FOB Incheon, Korea and ...

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      ...on quantity and adjusted by international price of lead. 以上報價未稅價. Above price doesn’t included tax. 以上報價有效時期 10天 The above...