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  1. above-cited

    • KK[əˋbʌv͵saɪtɪd]
    • DJ[əˋbʌvˋsaitid]


    • adj.
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    • Resume is not bulleted.

      ABCDE前面打點就是 bulleted,文章裡他建議你那樣做,閱讀上會比較容易。

    • 請幫我翻譯3句關於標題的英文

      ...引用出處或來源 (一般用於寫作論文時) 2.In addition to the rules above about citation, here is how to cite the primary sources you get from the electronic sources. 在以上一般...

    • [翻譯]全球貧富不均 ....邏輯問題

      ... (and perhaps Bhagwati too), however, would reject the inequalities cited above as unjust if they were within a single state, even though they do not do so globally...