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  1. absolute majority


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    • 關於憲改句子的中文翻譯討論

      在現有的憲法體制下, 要解決的議題包括﹕ 選擇三權分立或五權分立, 採用政府總統制或內閣制, 逕行相對多數或是絕對多數的總統選舉, 支持議會改革的補行條款, 廢除國民大會及省政府, 降低投票年齡, 修改兵役制度, 強化保護基本人權與弱勢族群, 以及其他有關國家經濟的...

    • 請幫我將以下文字翻譯成英文~急(請別用翻譯機或譯言堂)

      ...existence all this time. However, there was no absolute answer for how it happened. For decades... problems. On top of that, majority of them live alone. 人體自燃的受害者與患有骨質...

    • 急!!!Essay

      ...also be harmed under the circumstance. 3. The majority in the modern classroom that the instructor makes explicit...all students to participate in classroom discussion with absolute ease. However, it can conversely a issue to the student...